contest :: cut&paste 2012 [contest theme :: how-to]
role :: competitor + designer + animator
sound :: Hit Mastas / Mr Flute mixed w/a voice over found at
software :: after effects + cinema 4d


Cut&Paste is a worldwide traveling contest that invites designers to compete against one another on stage in front of a crowd. I was one of four motion designers picked to compete. The motion round is 8 hours long. All animation and treatment had to be done within the time offered. Contestants were allowed to bring 4 assets, approved by the officials. The only asset I brought in was music, which was cut the night before. The theme for the contest is given 5 days in advance.

The vectors were animated in cinema 4d on a spline in order to get the bend of the path into the rectangle. //

This treatment required multiple renders with alpha in order to get the correct blend modes. Otherwise, the three rectangles wouldn't have had the same blend colors. Above you can see the colors don't blend together. This was accomplished after the animation was locked, each rectangle was rendered out separately. //

The next two images show the cubes rendered in cinema 4d and the masking required to reveal them in after effects. Unfortunately, because of the contest time restraints, some of the shadows were comprimised from the masking process. //